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Shouguang Zhengfeng Chemical Co., Ltd. is a comprehensive trade enterprise engaged in chemical business. Our company was established in September, 2010. It is located in Shouguang City. Main business scope: bromoethane, bromobutane, formaldehyde solution, hydrobromic acid, bromine, dichloromethane, chloroethane, methyl alcohol, ethyl alcohol, n-propanol, sulphur, sodium nitrite, acetic acid, sodium hydroxide solution, ammonia, silver nitrate, oxygen, dimethylformamide, ammonia solution, sodium hypochlorite solution, petroleum ether, magnesium powder, ethyl acetate, Methyl Tertiary Butyl Ether, sodium hydroxide, butyl alcohol, bromopropane, p-bromofluorobenzene, anhydrous sodium sulfite and other chemical materials.

Our company cooperates closely with domestic excellent manufacturers. We have established stable supply network. We can meet most demands of customers relying on reliable quality and wholehearted service. Our company also provides price information and purchasing service. We make efforts to provide high-efficiency service for wide partners. We will develop towards target of “trade basis, global purchasing, global marketing, domestic and foreign trade”



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